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Yellow Desk Coworking - Jun 6, 2022

9 Tips To Organise A Successful Networking Event

Networking events are a great way to further your business or career, but the real gold can be found when you run your own networking event. As the ringleader, you get to control all aspects of the event, such as who attends and what goes on. Here are 9 tips to help you organise a successful networking event.

1. Choose The Right Venue –Your chosen venue should be large enough and well-equipped enough to accommodate your guests, while also offering refreshments and other amenities that make attendees feel welcome. Make sure it’s easy to access and has ample parking space too!

2. Define Your Target Audience – You need to define who will be attending your event so that you can tailor it towards their needs. Knowing who is attending also helps you decide on topics for discussion or presentations, and come up with ideas for activities that will keep everyone engaged throughout the day.

3. Set Goals & Objectives – Decide what goals and objectives you want to achieve from this event in order for it to be deemed successful before planning begins. This could include increasing brand awareness, creating new connections or building relationships with existing contacts. Having these clear goals in place will ensure that each step taken during the organisation of your networking event is purposeful and directed towards reaching them.

4. Identify Speakers & Presenters – Once you have identified your target audience, start looking for speakers or presenters who have a wealth of knowledge in relevant subjects that would benefit your guests’ businesses/careers. Make sure they understand what type of audience they’ll be speaking to so that they can tailor their presentations accordingly.

5. Create An Agenda – Put together an agenda outlining each activity at the event including when each presentation/workshop begins and ends, any breaks—such as lunch—and time allocated for networking activities (which should be high up on the list). Stick to this agenda! Don’t let yourself get distracted by side conversations; it might seem rude but nothing ruins an event more than if its agenda isn’t followed through properly!

6. Promote Your Event – Start promoting your networking event weeks in advance across various channels such as social media, email campaigns and even physical flyers! Ask people from within your network if they would like to join you or if they know anyone else who might benefit from attending your gathering - word of mouth is key here!

7. Break The Ice – Get creative with how you introduce people at the beginning of an event; why not use conversation starters like “what did you do last weekend?” or “What motivated you today?” These questions will help break down barriers between strangers quickly and create comfortable environments where everyone feels included right away!

8. Follow Up On Connections – After the networking session is done make sure everyone exchanges contact details with those they connected with; send out follow-up emails containing everyone's contact information so no one misses out on opportunities due lack of communication afterwards! Also ask guests if they found value in attending the networking session; this feedback can then be used to improve future events!

9. Say Thank You - Last but not least don't forget about thanking everybody who attended after its all said done; whether thats through a group email or handwritten thank-you note - showing appreciation always goes a long way in building strong relationships🤗

Running a successful networking event takes preparation and effort but is ultimately worth it when done correctly! Following these nine steps should give you everything needed for organising an effective gathering where attendees can make meaningful connections with others from their industry or related industries —essential for anyone wanting to progress their business or career further down the line 🚀✨ Good luck organising yours now ! 🥳

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