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Yellow Desk Coworking - Jul 11, 2022

Creative Exercises to Help You Thrive at Work

If you’re feeling burnt out or uninspired in your business, why not take a break and try something creative? Creativity exercises can help boost your artistic thinking and get those creative juices flowing. In this blog post, we’ll look at three different exercises from a poet, a psychologist, and a creative director that will help you recharge your creativity and thrive at work.

1. Create A Mind Map:

This exercise comes from the poet Pat Pattison. The goal is to brainstorm ideas for topics you want to write about. Start by thinking of one main topic you’d like to explore. Then jot down any related ideas that come to mind in circles around the central topic. These could be words, phrases, images, or anything else that comes to mind when thinking about the topic. When you’ve exhausted all of your ideas, go back and see if any connections emerge between the different elements of your mind map. This can help you generate new ideas or perspectives on the topic at hand.

2. Write A Story With Five Random Objects:

This exercise comes from psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. To get started, pick five random objects within reach (e.g., a pencil, a book, an orange). Write down each object on an index card or piece of paper then shuffle them up so that they are all mixed together randomly. Now it’s time to create a story! Pick one object from each card and weave them into a narrative arc with a beginning, middle and end (it doesn’t have to be long!). Once you’ve finished writing your story, step back and look at it objectively—what meaning do these five objects have together? How does the story reflect larger themes in life? This exercise can help spark new ways of thinking or uncover hidden meaning in everyday items that we often overlook.

3. Take A Walk Outside:

This exercise comes from creative director Dan Gardner who suggests taking regular walks outside as an effective way to jump-start creativity and problem-solving skills while exercising our body as well as our minds. Walking outdoors allows us to open ourselves up to external stimuli which can inspire us creatively (think visual cues like scenery or nature) or give us an opportunity for mindful reflection away from technology-induced distractions such as emails or texts messages which can hinder our ability to think clearly and creatively about problems we are trying to solve through our work.

These creativity exercises from poet Pat Pattison, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and creative director Dan Gardner are just some of many ways that business owners can recharge their creativity so that they can thrive at work! From creating mind maps for brainstorming new ideas to writing stories with random objects for uncovering hidden meaning in everyday items; these activities are sure to give you the boost of inspiration needed for success in business! So why not try one today? You never know what amazing insights might arise when engaging in these creative practices!

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